The team

Now for the company works more than 120 skilled specialists. Most of them (about 70 per cent of whole personnel) are drivers. They have corresponding driving categories, long-term driving experience and cumulated important knowledge of save driving during different seasons of the year, fixing of different cargo, transportation documents, work-rest regime, etc. This knowledge guarantees that the cargo is delivered safely, neatly and timely.

Until the shipment reaches its addressee, a lot of complex processes appear in work of administration of the company: starting from receipt of the customers’ orders and ending with invoicing after the shipment is loaded. In these processes are engaged about 20 competent persons, having university education and experience in cargo transportation: leader of the company, transport managers, accountants and bookkeepers.

Another important part of the team is workshop specialists of the company, i.e. mechanics-machinists. Thanks to them, the vehicle is always maintained in good working state and is ready for a long and effective work – cargo transportation.